When people in the Enfield area think about Enfield Loaves and Fishes they think about feeding the hungry. But did you know we do more than that? In addition to feeding those who suffer from food insecurity in our neighborhood, we offer clothing, household goods, and personal sanitary and grooming toiletries. We assist in finding shelter, medical care, addiction recovery programs, and employment opportunities. We direct each person to the agency that can help them become self-reliant members of society.

Each winter while most of us celebrate the holidays, with family gatherings, and gift-giving, there are many people in the area who are experiencing homelessness. Winter is a brutal challenge. The cold weather makes life on the street even more dangerous than usual, and the societal focus on togetherness and holiday cheer can create a sense of even greater isolation. If you would like to know how to help the homeless during winter, here are some items needed that will make the greatest impact.

Two-man tents, sleeping bags, pillows, sleeping mats, tarps, stakes, rope, bungee straps, flashlights, battery-operated lanterns, solar power heaters, battery power heaters, hand & toe warmers, socks, adult hat, and gloves.

The colder it gets, the more dangerous it is for people to live unsheltered. Many of these people are Veterans or Runaways. Please reach out to us or refer us to them for the proper services.