COVID-19 and How Enfield Loaves and Fishes is Affected

ELF is making it our mission to continue serving meals throughout the outbreak to anyone in the Enfield area who is in need. We have been working with health professionals and the health department to ensure that we are doing what we can to minimize risk for our guests and volunteers. We are serving packaged meals to go and making home deliveries if you are stuck at home due to health reasons.

Corona Virus and How You Can Help

The economic crisis caused by the Corona Virus has put many people at risk of starvation. We have seen an increasing number of guests coming to our doors and calling us for help. The line for meals seems to grow every day. Food banks are running low and we cannot hold our usual fundraisers to help cover the additional costs we are incurring. We are living in uncertain times and need your help more than ever. We are making it our mission to continue serving for as long as we can during this outbreak. We hear every day from grateful recipients that they don’t know what they would do if we closed our doors. We stay open only because of our supports, donors, and volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you and we are asking for your help once again. We know that these are tough times, however, if you are still working we ask that you form a pool at work or ask your employer to match donations. If you are financially secure we ask that you consider giving what you can. Every bit helps. With so many unemployed and waiting for stimulus checks, we need to help our neighbors as much as we can.

Enfield Loaves and Fishes is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) company. Your donations are tax-deductible. Please donate today.